Spark Erosion

S.P.E. offer a full Sub-Contract Spark Erosion Service for some of the following sectors, Mould Tools, Oil & Gas, Safety, Aerospace and Defence.

This process is mainly used to achieve un-machineable shapes and apply Ra (VDI) surface finish to Mould Tool Cavities/Cores.

Working with many Exotic Materials such as:

  • Inconnel
  • 174 PH
  • Stainless Steel

Our Spark Erosion Machinery list includes:

  • 1 X EUROSPARK 740P 50 Amp EDM
  • 2 x Mecrode Minim 50 Amp EDM
  • 3 x Agemaspark P425 EDM

Please call with any requirements we can possibly help with…

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